Pennsylvania Primitive Antique

Forged Iron Pot or Game Hook

* Large Very Heavy Triangle with 5 Attached Hooks*

Late 1700's - Early 1800's

Found locally in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

A truly rare find, a very early hand-forged blacksmith made wrought iron triangular shaped hanger with hooks.  Very heavy weight and shape this is at least from the early 1800's and could be well back into the 1700's.  Extremely primitive in design, shaped like a triangle and very heavy it has 5 large attached hooks.  You do need to have this in your own hands to feel the weight and wonderful wear to this open hearth utensil, it is unusual. 

As PRIMITIVE as could be!  This could have been used in an open hearth off of a trammel with pots hanging off of the heavy hooks, or as a game hook.  It is an extraordinary piece of antique wrought iron and shows remarkable age and use overall.  It's a rarity and a great looking item, we've never seen another like this. 

Extremely heavy, this weighs more than 4-1/2 lbs.  The hooks are movable but cannot be removed from the triangle.  And if you were wondering, you can't use the triangle as a dinner call, it does not ring, it's way to heavy to reverberate.  (we did try that!)

It's in wonderful shape, shows good expected wear overall.  Some rust here and there.  Two of the hooks have double ends, and there is a loop from what was once a 6th hook that remains. 

We have left it as found, nothing has been cleaned.  The original patina is still intact.  And as you can see from our last image, you can turn the triangle and move the hooks all the way around the 3 sides.

Super Primitive, and a One of A Kind Antique!



Triangle shape measures 11" x 11" x 12"

and is 1-3/4" in circumference


Hooks are 5-1/2" to 6-1/2" in length and approx. 1/2" thick

approx. 3" back to front

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