A Rare Primitive Antique

Cast & Forged Iron Hearth Water Kettle

-  with Attached Tilter  -

c.1780 -1820

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An early Hearth Kettle from the late 18th or very early 19th century, c.1780 to 1820.  

So very rare to find, an early Open Hearth Kettle retaining it's original Tilter.

This flat bottom water kettle was made in a three mold casting form with gooseneck spout. The mold lines are clearly visible around the body of the kettle.  On the underside of the body there is a long unpolished gate mark.  The cast iron lid is domed and has multiple concentric circles with a tiny mushroom shaped brass finial at the very top.  Good tight fitting lid with flange. The goose neck spout is in fine condition with no damage.  The swing handle is hand wrought, hammered iron and was fitted through the cast holders on either side of the kettle, made with little turned up hooks to hold it securely.  This is a very heavy kettle, weighs 7 lbs.


The old patina is still intact, it looks beautiful!  A truly handsome and very rare hearth kettle from the late 1700's or very early 1800's.  This has not been cleaned. There is interior and some small amount of exterior rust.  This had plenty of use at the hearth as you can see from the heat pitting, but it still displays handsomely.

Please Note:  This has an old repair, one tiny round plug on the base that can clearly be seen in our images.  We did test it and the old repair has not held up, water will slowly seep out of the repair.  So, if you want to make practical use of the kettle you would have to remove the old plug and make a new repair.  The old repair certainly does not detract if your intention is to use only as a display in your open hearth.

A Truly Rare Item - Open Hearth Tea Kettle with Tilter !


12-1/4" high to the top of the Tilter

8-1/2" high to the top of the lid

13" across spout to handle

9-1/2" wide

Weighs 7 lbs.

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