Museum Quality American Colonial Period


Late 17th or Very Early 18th Century Primitive Antique

Hand Forged Iron


Circa 1680 - 1720


Colonial Period America Forged Iron Stuffing Spoon  -  Found locally in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

An extraordinary item and a truly rare find.  

This is a hand-forged blacksmith made stuffing spoon dating back to the late 1600's or very early 1700's.  Most likely a wedding gift to a bride.  In it's day it was certainly an expensive item to have commissioned a blacksmith to make. 

This beautiful large spoon shows exceptional workmanship by a talented blacksmith.   

It was created from just one single piece of iron, hammered and shaped at the forge.

The overall size of the spoon is 17-3/4" in length. 

The bowl of the spoon is oval and measures 4-1/2" long x 3" across and 1/2" deep.  The hand hammering can clearly be seen on the front and back of the bowl.  The edges are smooth and worn and there are no breaks or snags to the metal. 

The handle was shaped carefully and tooled into this exquisite elaborate design.

Stuffing Spoons were used just as expected to scoop out the stuffing from a turkey and to serve food from large pots.  The blacksmith that made this spoon gave some serious thought to it's intended use.  The iron was hammered out and doubled over onto the back of the spoon affording greater stability and strength to the spoon.  And consequently the spoon has survived in excellent condition.   

The handle is well balanced, your thumb rests naturally on the first wide section nearest the bowl and your fingers curl comfortably around the wider tooled decoration further up the handle.  The handle tapers from a width of 1" to just 3/8" where it ends in a fine shepherds crook turning.

Not only was it made beautifully but thoughtfully for practical use, it has survived 300 years without any breaks or splits to the metal.

  Retains a fabulous old patina, the spoon shows wonderful evidence of use at the hearth and is still in excellent condition.

 Superb ... A Truly Rare Open Hearth Colonial Cooking Utensil!


Size:  17-3/4" overall length



This has been well cared for in a good collection of Early American Hearth Cooking Tools.

It is in Excellent Condition ...  No weakness to the metal, no breaks or splits.  

The iron work shows a fabulous patina of age and use at the hearth

with expected heat pitting.


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