Pennsylvania Dutch

Folk Art  c.1850's

Full Loom Width Antique  Coverlet

Made of Linen & Wool -

Found in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Strawberry Compass Design


A gorgeous large coverlet with fantastic body and weight to the fibers, still crisp and in excellent condition.  An absolute gem of an antique coverlet, one that we consider to be of museum quality. 

Richly colored wools and linen were used to create this rare and beautiful antique jacquard coverlet filled with Pennsylvania Dutch symbols.  There are two different circular designs that decorate the wide outer border.  A motif with a compass arrow symbolizing a safe journey and return alternates with a design of tulips, a favorite of the Pennsylvania Dutch used to symbolize the Holy Trinity. The center-field is filled with large multi-petaled flowers and strawberries with leaves and smaller tulip designs as fills.  

Beautiful and very heavy this fine coverlet displays the expert skill of the professional weaver, and certainly the love of the Pennsylvania German weaver for brilliant use of color.  The craft of coverlet weaving for many of the early Pennsylvania German professional weavers often went hand in hand with rug weaving, and in this fabulous heavy coverlet that skill and quality is quite apparent. Very heavy in weight and closely woven, the coverlet weighs 8-lbs.

Single width coverlet.  Self fringe along the sides, applied fringe along the bottom.  Reversible.  No missing fringe, no stains no holes or loss of wool.  Still crisp with a good hand.  The top and bottom edge are finely turned and hand stitched with heavy linen thread.

Size:  100" long + 4" fringe  x 88" + 4" fringe on both sides  (104" x 96")


Excellent - This is from a local estate.

It was packed away for many years and has not been used in recent times.

Clean, no odors, no holes, no stains, truly Museum Quality ... a Rare Find !

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