-  Large Single Arm Hanging Griddle with Trammel Ring -

Antique Pennsylvania Forged Iron

American Colonial Era

c.1750 -1800

Open Hearth Cooking Utensil


From a local Lancaster County Pennsylvania estate, an early Wrought Iron Hearth Griddle.

The counties of Lancaster, Lebanon and Berks here in our area of Pennsylvania produced some of the best early ironware in the 1700's and early 1800's.  At that time there were more working forges (furnaces) in this area of PA. than any where in New England.  This hand wrought hanging iron griddle was made here in Pennsylvania between 1750 and 1800.

A large single arm hanging griddle with trammel ring.  This type of griddle was suspended over the open hearth fire off of a crane or trammel by the trammel ring at the top.

An early and rare Colonial Period single arm hanging griddle it was made circa 1750-1800.  Typically single arm griddles of this type had the suspension arm riveted to the griddle plate.  The blacksmith that made this one designed it to make use of just one single piece of forged iron, fashioning the arm and the support in one.  The curved suspension arm continues through the small rectangular opening in the griddle plate, hammered by the blacksmith and shaped into a right angle and split in two becoming the support for the griddle on the underside.   Brilliant!  

The griddle plate was made by the early 'puddle cast' technique, molten iron was poured into a circular sand mold on the floor and left to cool, leaving no gate mark.

Very heavy and strong it weighs 12-lbs. and 3 ounces.   It's a good large size measuring 15-3/4" high to the top of the trammel ring and 13-3/4" from the back of the arm to the front of the griddle plate and 12-3/4" across the griddle plate. The wrought iron suspension arm measures 1-1/4" x 1/2" at the bottom where it passes through the griddle plate.
The griddle plate is 1/4" thick.

So you can understand just how very large this hanging griddle is, we show it in one of our images with a large cast iron bean pot.  

That pot is available in another of our listings, it is not included in this sale.


Weighs 12-lbs. 3 ounces. 

The griddle measures 12-3/4" across and is 1/4" thick

15-3/4" High


In Excellent Condition.

Shows fabulous use at the hearth with the heat pitting overall.

Some minor rust.  No breaks in the ironwork.

Still Very Strong & Sturdy.

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