American Folk Art  c.1850
Attributed to William Ney

A Full Loom Width

Antique  19th Century Pennsylvania Coverlet

-  Tulip Medallion Center -


A seamless full loom width coverlet in excellent condition.

Woven circa 1850 and we believe it was made by the Lebanon County Pennsylvania weaver

William Ney

William Ney lived and worked just down the road from us in Myerstown, Pennsylvania.   He was born in 1811 and died in 1892. He is listed in John Heisey's book 'A Checklist of American Coverlet Weavers'.  A collection of 50 of his coverlets were studied during the research of that book. We have been fortunate over the past 40 years to have sold 19 coverlets by William Ney, all found locally here in Lebanon, Lancaster and Berks Counties.

William Nye was one of the first weavers in this area of Pennsylvania to make use of and be licensed to use the Jacquard mechanism attachment on his loom, allowing weavers to create these wonderful complex designs.    

Size:  84" Long x  84" Wide

Plus 2-1/2" fringe on sides and along bottom

A beautiful and quite colorful pattern with a large circular medallion of tulips at it's center.  A wide outer border of full bloom flowers and leaves with large bouquets of tulips in each corner.  The coverlet has a brilliant color combination of holly green and berry and is reversible, red on green on one side and green on red reverse.  A hand turned hem at the top and self fringe along both sides, hand attached fringe across the bottom.


In Excellent Condition. 

No fading, the colors are still strong and true. 

The weave is still tight and strong

No stains, it is clean and odor free.

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