Circa 1880's

Antique Tote Box

Very Large Wooden Carpenters Tool Carrier


Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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An Antique, well used Primitive Tool Carrier

A great item for your Country Home.  Found in an old Lancaster County Pennsylvania Barn, an antique Carpenters Tool Tote Work Box.  

An antique from circa 1880 this is quite rustic and primitive and very large a full 31-1/2" in length and 17" high, weighs 15-1/2 lbs.  That is big! 

Made of pine this has a rich pumpkin pine color and shows plenty of old use and wear.

We've called this a Carpenter's Tool Carrier, but frankly, it could have been used by any tradesman who needed to carry his tools around.

For such a big tool tote it still has a graceful appearance, the sides are gently sloping and the box has canted sides, overall it's quite attractive. 

It has a thick and heavy rounded oak carry handle that is slotted into the end pieces.  There are 2 large turn buttons attached to pieces of wood on the exterior. The tool tray is worn and weathered and has lots of nicks and gouges and shrinkage lines.  Where the old nails are, they have given the wood that nice deep color.  So handsome overall!

The box is partitioned having a double box at one end and a large opening at the other end that takes up 2/3 rds of the space.  The two small boxes each that measure 11" long and are 4-1/2" across the top edge and 3-1/2" at the interior base. The other section measures 17-1/2" long x and 10-1/2" across the top edge and 8" at the interior base. Lapped and nailed construction.  Plenty of wear, especially on the interior of the base.  An additional plank of wood was added to the bottom of the carrier long ago obviously to strengthen the base.  

Overall the carrier is good and strong and sturdy.

Enjoy it just as it is or fill it with dried flowers.  So many different uses if you have a good large space to display this.

Beautiful Dark  Pumpkin Pine with all that wonderful old wear ... a delightful and very large antique Primitive Carrier!


Condition:  Excellent Antique Primitive Condition.  Quite rustic with plenty of wear.  Still strong and sturdy.

Size:  31-1/2" length  x  12" width - 17" high to top of handle

Weighs 15-1/2 lbs.




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