An Antique Pennsylvania 


Child's Rocking Chair

Circa 1850

With Original Hand Painted Finish

And Old Mustard Paint Rush Seat

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


A Charming Example of 19thc. Pennsylvania Folk Art!

A delightful child's chair found locally here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Purchased from a collector of childhood antiques.  So representational of the 19th century Pennsylvania German style and quality with it's lovely FOLK ART hand painted scrolling leaf designs decorating the entire chair, it is probably AMISH in origin.

A special little chair, still immensely usable for a child to enjoy, or the perfect chair to display your favored doll or bear.  This has a gorgeous patina, with a warm reddish coloring to the wood and beautifully hand painted decoration across the back splats and both the front and the back posts.

Made of maple and oak this little rush seat child's chair is quite charming.  Rare to find these child sized antique arm chairs from the mid 1800's, and this one has the most lovely shaped posts.  The top of the left back post still retains a little peaked shape while the top of the right post is quite worn.  The front posts also show wear at the top ... it all adds to the charm knowing how well used and loved this chair was for so many years.  And the wood retains a gorgeous patina, warm coloring with that lovely hand painted decoration.

The rush seat is original and still in quite good condition with expected surface wear to the old mustard paint finish.

The two back splats are gently curved and still have much of the hand painted decoration.  The top splat shows wear with the oak wood grain showing thru. The bottom splat retains more of the decoration, it is made of oak or maple.  All the posts are made of maple and if you look closely you can still see the scribe marks around the posts.  The stretchers around the base of the chair are a mix of oak and maple.  The rockers of course show plenty of wear and are good and strong and tight to the chair legs.  

The chair has a smooth feel where age has mellowed and darkened the wood from handling over more than 160 years.  The painted finish shows it's age handsomely and is still a delight to look at.  

Overall the chair is in very good condition, still quite usable.  All the joints are sturdy and strong.


The overall height is 20", height from floor to top of rush seat is 8-1/2".

Measurement at the front between the arms is 10" and the depth of the seat is 10".

Rockers measure 18-1/4" front to back - 13-1/4" wide across the front - 10-3/4" wide across the back

A Delightful Little Antique Rocking Chair !

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