Country Antiques ... Interesting and unique antique metalware, usually with a Pennsylvania Dutch flavor. We're always hunting for vintage and antique decorative pieces that graced the old stone houses and barns in this charming part of Pennsylvania.  Here you'll often find early iron strap hinges, rams horn hinges, tea kettles, bed warmers, pewter, and cooking utensils.

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Large 5 Gallon Cauldron
Circa 1820
Swing Handled Pot

Forged Iron Antique Butter Patter
Long Handle
Colonial Era Kitchen Tool

Circa 1720

Jamb Peg Lamp Hook Spike
Forged Iron with Spiral Twist

18th Century

Antique Bean Pot Cauldron with Tipper

c.1860's Cast Iron Cooking Utensil

Price         $ 245.00

Forged Iron Antique Butter Patter
Colonial Era Kitchen Tool

Circa 1720

PENNY FEET Small Trivet c.1720
Antique Colonial Era Kettle/Pot Stand

Primitive Hand Wrought Iron

Price         $ 140.00

Cast & Forged Iron

Rare Early Primitive c.1780-1820

Antique Pennsylvania German Tinware
Painted Tin Canister

Tulips & Whirling Star

Antique Covered Kettle
Hanging Cooking Pot - c.1780

Cast & Wrought Iron

Antique Colonial Period Water Kettle
Cast & Forged Iron c.1750-1800

Goose Neck Spout - Swing Handle

Antique Tasting Spoon
Coppre Riveted Brass Bowl

Long Hammered Iron Handle

Antique Dough Scraper
Blacksmith Made

Folded Over Handle

Price         $ 65.00

Antique DOVETAILED Copper
Sugar Boiling Pot c.1860 Long Handle

Primitive & Rustic Metalware

2 - Early 1800's Cast Iron Potato Rakes
Curved Blades & Short Handles

Open Hearth Cooking Utensils

c.1780 Large Fireplace Log Fork
Heavy with Long Handle

Primitive Hand Wrought Iron

Price         $ 95.00

18thc Skimmer Strainer
Pierced Copper and Hand Forged Iron

Open Hearth Cooking Utensil

19thc. Tin Rectangular Pan with Funnel
Folded and soldered Sheet Iron

Primitive Cooking Utensil

c.1860 Civil War Era Campfire Pot Stand
Large Wrought Iron Trivet

Tall Triangular Shape

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