Vintage LONE STAR Pattern Quilt

Brilliant Autumn Colors

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


From a local Lancaster County estate, here's a beauty of a vintage Lone Star Quilt in very good condition.  Delightful Autumn HARVEST shades were used to create the design.  A fabulous choice of colors, two different shades of orange, a dark woody brown and a vivid yellow combine to make a striking LONE STAR. Pieced and quilted by hand at 8 stitches to the inch. The diamond piecings are beautifully matched and all outline quilted.  Next to the star design, the corners are quilted in a large spoked wheel pattern ringed with flowers, the top, bottom and sides quilted in half-wheel and flower quilting.  Above and belwo the star is a 14" border quilted in a vine and brick pattern. The fabrics are all cotton. The front is a pale cream, the reverse is a darker shade of cream. There is a fine hand stitched knife-edge binding and a light weight batting.

Size: 90" x 68"


In very good condition, no wear, no fading.

Colors are still beautiful and bright.

Image below shows the back  and the front of the quilt.  

The back being a darker shade of cream than the front.

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