Rare True Beiderwand Structure

Museum Quality

Antique  Pennsylvania Coverlet c.1850

-  Attributed to Henry F. Stager of Mount Joy -


Here is a real rarity and a true museum quality antique American Lancaster County Pennsylvania coverlet.

In Excellent Condition!

This is a 19th Century True Beiderwand structure coverlet.  Not to be confused with a Tied-Beiderwand coverlet. Many folks don't know the difference or are unaware that there is a difference in the structure of the weave of these early coverlets. Nearly all that you will find are tied-Beiderwand.  True beiderwand is quite uncommon.

Here's a simple visual way of identifying True Beiderwand from Tied-Beiderwand

True Beiderwand:  Noticeable ribs appear only on the reverse side.

Tied-Beiderwand :  The coverlet is reversible and the weaving technique creates fine ribs on both sides.


A beautiful design to this Early Figured & Fancy full loom width coverlet.  The weaving is striking with green, gold and red wool on a natural linen field.  The centerfield design is of Tulips and Feathers in a large rectangle.  The outer border is of undulating grape vines.


This coverlet is signed /dated in the weave in all four corners, but it is impossible to read.  There is no loss of wool where these dates and or names occur.  Early designs were often in need of corrections especially where words were used in the weaving, letters reversed or words spelled incorrectly. As time went on the weaver would correct the mistakes.  And perhaps that is what happened here.

Based on the design elements, we have attributed this coverlet to Henry F. Stager.  Professional weavers of this time period were known to create their own designs for the punch-cards that were used on the jacquard attachments to their looms. And this was certainly one of Stagers designs.  Over the years we have had other coverlets that were signed by Stager with this Tulip and Vine design, and another identical in pattern to this that was identified as a Henry F. Stager and had the same characters in each of the corners (see our last image). 

Henry Stager lived and worked in Mount Joy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.   He was born in 1821 and died in 1888.    (He is not to be confused with Henry Stager of Myerstown, PA.  His work is completely different in design)

Stager is listed in John Heisey's book 'A Checklist of American Coverlet Weavers'.  The exact border design that was used in the coverlet that we offer here is listed on page 18 of that book.  His biographical information is on page 108.  Additional information on Henry F. Stager of Mount Joy can be found in the book American Coverlets and Their Weavers. 

Applied hand sewn fringe on three sides and a hand turned hem at the top.


92" Long  with 2-1/2" applied fringe to bottom edge

82" Wide with 2-1/2" applied fringe to either side


In Excellent Condition.   

The weave is still tight and strong, the fibers retain a good hand.

 No moth damage, no stains, clean and odor free.

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