A Rare Antique c.1700's Wrought Iron


Spit Dog/ Fireplace Helper


This is an authentic 1700's wrought iron fireplace helper found locally in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Truly Rare, and incredibly early.  From a Pennsylvania collection of fine antique wrought iron fireplace utensils.  Early 'fireplace helpers' sometimes called skewer rests or spit dogs were used in conjunction with andirons for cooking at open hearths of Colonial American homes.  They were single items with four legs and had a cross bar with high raised sections at either end that had hooks and holes.  The fireplace helper was placed forward of the andirons, and skewers were balanced between the two allowing for a more controlled temperature for cooking.

Very early examples are exceedingly rare and unusual to come across, folks often mistake them for being single andirons and overlook them completely.  One nearly identical in style and size to the one we have for sale can be found in the Sorber collection (see the book by Don Plummer 'COLONIAL WROUGHT IRON: THE SORBER COLLECTION' page 10).  We show the page from that book in one of our images.


This antique fireplace helper shows expected wear overall from centuries of use at the fire but it is still all good and strong and sturdy with no loose parts.

Perfectly usable and a wonderful item to add to your Colonial Era Fireplace Utensil Collection! 

Size: 20" across - 6" deep - 14" high  -  Weight: 5-1/2 lbs.

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