Antique Gimbal Candleolders


Blacksmith Made - Wrought Iron


A nice pair of gimbal candle holders.  These were made by a blacksmith.  Identical in design, one is just slightly longer than the other, good proof that they are indeed hand made.

They are convertible, able to be used in three different configurations.  Horizontal, as shown in our first image with the large pans underneath the gimbled candlecups,  displayed on a wall from the large loop that has an inverted V shape for hanging off of a hook, or reversed hanging from the pointed end that has a hole for a hook.

The looped handles/hangers were attached with small hand hammered rivets to the pans.  The twisted iron 'legs/arms' are riveted to the pans at the sides. The tin candle-cups with their small square bases were also attached with a hammered rivet thru the iron work holding the swinging candle-cups securely in place.

Good and heavy, they are both quite strong and sturdy, each one weighs 1-1/2-lb.

Overall size: 12" long - 5" across the pans - 6-1/2" high displayed horizontally - 7" back to front  displayed on a wall.


Very Good Condition.

No breaks in the metal.  Some rust and wear in the pans.

These were used in the past, there is a small amount of wax in the tin candlecups.

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