An Antique Colonial Era Primitive

Wrought Iron Hearth Tool




From a local Lancaster County Pennsylvania estate,

an early Colonial Era Wrought Iron Fireplace Poker.

From a local Lancaster County Pennsylvania estate, a very early Open Hearth Fire Place Poker.  Any long metal rod can serve as a poker, and there are many for sale, but finding one that displays the skill of the blacksmith is quite a rarity. Here is a true Colonial Era c.1700's blacksmith made hand forged fireplace poker. And what a beauty it is.

This one measures 32-1/4" in length and is 1" wide and 1/2" thick. It has a good deep curve to the length. The blacksmith added an unusual and quite handsome detail along the length of the poker by chamfering the edges not just on the front but also all along the back of the poker. The top has a handsome deep curl for hanging, the opposite end is upturned.

Still in excellent condition. No breaks in the iron work, no repairs. This had plenty of use at the hearth as you can see from the heat pitting, but it still displays handsomely.

Untouched, it's original patina is still in tact.

Size: 32-1/4" long - Weighs 2-1/2 lbs.

Perfect for your big open hearth fireplace ...

a great addition to any Early American Forged Iron Collection!

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