An Antique Primitive

Pennsylvania German Folk Art Paint Decorated

Staved Grain Measure / Bucket


Rare Sapling Finger Hoops


From Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanian Dutch Design


Found locally in Lancaster County Pennsylvania an antique wooden bucket or grain measure from the late 1800's.  This has a delightful old Primitive Pennsylvania German folk art decoration of a Distelfink Bird and a Tulip Flower painted on the front of the bucket.  The hand painted decoration is at least 70 years old and possibly earlier.  It's a charming design and while it shows wear it's still in very good condition. 

The bucket is from circa 1880 and was formed using oak saplings woven around the wooden staves and left to dry making them good and tight.

The sapling hoops have interlocking fingers and are well worn. The oak staves were all hand cut and good and thick, primitive and a tad uneven. The base is very thick hand cut oak and shows plenty of wear both on the interior and exterior. When you look at the underside of the base, you can see the evidence of wear and great age ... and it's actually become slightly oval in shape over the years from shrinkage.  The measurement at the top of the bucket is slightly wider than at the bottom. 

A real Primitive Pennsylvania German Folk Art Beauty!

This weighs over 5-lbs. 

Size:  13-1/2" x 13" across the top  -  11-1/2" x 11-1/4" across the bottom  -  11-1/4" high


Well worn ...

Still in great condition overall.  



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