Primitive Antique Pennsylvania Tinware
- Apple Roaster -

Warming Oven - 1780-1820


An antique sheet iron warming oven or apple roaster. Found here in Berks County Pennsylvania this is from the early 1800's. Meant for cooking apples and/or warming foods in front of an open hearth fireplace. This tin reflector oven has one pull out shelf.

Made from tin coated sheet iron, the edges were bent over a heavy wire for added stability and rounded so there were no sharp edges. There is a handle at the top made in the same manner, rounded and bent over heavy wire, the ends pierced through the top of the oven and bent over to hold the handle securely in place. The removable single shelf rests on two runners that are riveted to the sides of the oven. There are legs at the corners in the back of the oven which are also attached with rivets.

Shows plenty of evidence of use and wear but still in fine condition.  No breaks in the metal.  Rust to both interior and exterior.

Size: 13" across - 11" high - 8-1/2" deep

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