2 Antique PA. German Potato Rakes

Cast Iron Open Hearth Cooking Utensil

Early 1800's


These are antique potato rakes, from a local Pennsylvania German estate here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Not used in the garden to harvest potatoes, rather they were used at the hearth to rake potatoes out of the hot embers of the fireplace after they had cooked.  They are both German in origin (American potato rakes had long handles).

Rudimentary in design with no decorative effects, they are both good strong and sturdy one piece utensils.  One has a shallow curve to the blade and a very primitive shape to both the blade and the handle.  It is the earlier of the two, probably c.1820.  The other has a longer blade that is well curved and shaped like a spade.  That one is c.1850.  Both of the potato rakes have short handles that gives them good balance and a comfortable feel in the hand.  Both are good and heavy and in excellent condition with no damage to the metal.


12" long - 3" across the blade - 7" handle

12-3/4" long overall - 3-1/4" long across the rake end - the handle is 6" in length

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