A Primitive Rustic Antique

Pine Wood

Carpenters Tool Carrier Tray



SPECIAL!  Just the best antique rustic primitive carrier that we have seen in many years!  

Made of pine this has a rich natural color and shows plenty of old use and wear.

We've called this a Carpenter's Tool Carrier, but frankly, it could have been used by any tradesman who needed to carry his tools around.  It's at least from the 1850's and possibly earlier.

The early tradesman that made it certainly had a good eye for design.  This has a wonderful shape, a curve to the center portion of the sides and canted panels at both ends, so well proportioned.  There's a center divider with a large double opening for the handle which is quite unusual and enables a really good grip. From the top of the high handle the shape slopes gently out to the sides, just look at it, it was beautifully crafted!

Both ends are partitioned having two small boxes each that measure 2-1/2" x 4".   The center section having 2 longer compartments each measuring 13-3/4" x 4".   Lapped and nailed construction, old square nails along the sides and early screws on the base.  It was well constructed very sturdy and strong and wonderfully worn.

Enjoy it just as it is or fill it with your small cooking utensils to use in the kitchen or put folded linen napkins forks and knives in it and it will make a handsome addition to your Country Dining Room.  These lovely old carriers also make great sewing caddies, perfect for holding your threads and scissors.

Beautiful Dark Pine with all that wonderful old wear ... just a Primitive Lovers Dream Carrier!

Good and Heavy this weighs more than 4-lbs..


Condition:  Excellent Antique Primitive Condition.  Quite rustic.  Some small shrinkage lines.  Still strong and sturdy.

Size:  24-1/2" length  x  9-1/2" width - 8" high to top of handle



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