An Early & Very Rare Scenic Pattern

in Dark Blue Transferware

Antique Staffordshire Teapot

' Tower Scene with Figures & Boat'

Possibly by Enoch Wood & Sons

* c.1820 *


A Very Early Staffordshire Historical Dark Blue Transfer Printed Pattern circa 1820.  We're not familiar with the pattern and have not identified the maker, possibly Ralph Stevenson or Enoch Wood.  The teapot is not marked except for a very tiny impressed circular mark on the underside.  

The pattern depicts a seated figure fishing along the bank of a body of water.  Another figure stands facing the fisherman and has one arm raised pointing away. There is a distant view of mountains, possibly pallisades or cliffs, a tower with ruins stands on a spit of land and there is a single sailboat.  Heavy foliage overhangs the scene.  There are small and large flower blossoms on the cape, the sides of the shoulder, the front of the spout and the lid.

Besides the pattern being quite rare, there is an aspect of the moulded design of this teapot that is also quite exceptional.  The cape has a deeply fluted edge all the way around, quite raised and high at the front, slighty lower at the back and very low at either side.  Most teapots of this era are either smooth along the cape edge or scalloped, but not inwardly fluted.  Also, the spout has a moulded line along either side of the back and a lovely little 'fold-over' at the top back of the spout. Perhaps these details are a good clue to the maker.  The rest of the body follows the traditonal shape of Staffordshire teapots from this era, having high shoulders, nipped in at the waist and a gentle curve to the thumb piece of the handle.

This has an exceptionally well matched printed transfer design.  It is of superior quality both in the modeling of the body and the depth of color.

Size:  12" from spout to handle - 5-1/2" across - 7-1/2" high to top of finial on lid - 6-1/4" to top of handle

We put an ultraviolet light on the body of the teapot and there are no chips, no cracks no damage, and no repairs, it is in excellent condition.   When examining the lid with an ultraviolet light the interior of the lid did fluoresce, there is a faint yellowish tinge, so there has been professional restoration at some point in it's past 180+ years, but still there is no visible sign of repair.

A Beautifully Antique Staffordshire Historical Dark Blue Teapot from circa 1820!

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