A Fabulous Museum Quality

19th Century Full Loom Width

Antique  Pennsylvania Jacquard Coverlet

American Folk Art  -  c.1850

Attributed to

William Ney Myerstown, Lebanon Co. PA.

From a local Lebanon County Pennsylvania estate.

An antique seamless full loom width coverlet.

Brilliant colors Scarlet Red - Forest Green and Indigo Blue Wool


Over the years we have sold many coverlets by William Ney, both signed and unsigned. He was quite a prolific weaver, and many of his fine coverlets still exist in local homes here in Lebanon and Lancaster and Berks Counties.  They are truly sought after and collected and when found in this condition, a real prize!  It was packed away for many years, extremely well cared for and has not been used in recent times. It is in excellent condition.

This is without doubt one of the best William Ney Coverlets that you will find. It retains a good hand, with strong fibers, no thin spots, no damage.    

Absolutely BEST Condition you could hope for ... immaculate!  

A fine Museum Quality Antique 19th century Coverlet.

A beauty with vibrant colored wools and natural cotton. A beautiful and quite colorful weave pattern with an elaborate lattice work background to the centerfield, a large circular medallion of tulips at it's center, and a wide outer border of feather circles with open flower blossoms. Gorgeous full fringe on the sides and an applied fringe along the bottom. Hand rolled and finely stitched top edge.

William Ney lived and worked just down the road from us in Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.   He was born in 1811 and died in 1892.    He is well listed in many research books, among them, John Heisey's book 'A Checklist of American Coverlet Weavers'.  A collection of 50 of his coverlets were studied during the research of that book.  He was one of the first weavers in this area of Pennsylvania to make use of and be licensed to use the Jacquard mechanism attachment on his loom, allowing weavers to create these wonderful complex designs.  

This coverlet is reversible, very heavy and in excellent condition.


84" Long and 78" Wide  + 2-1/2" fringe sides and bottom


In Excellent Condition. 

The weave is still tight and strong

 No wool loss, no fringe loss, no stains, no odors.

A Handsome 160 + year old 

Antique Pennsylvania Coverlet!

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