Antique Pennsylvania

Geometric Woven Coverlet

Scarlet Red & Indigo Blue Wool

"Whig Rose Pattern"

American Folk Art Weaving c.1840


An Antique Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Overshot Coverlet

A beautiful antique woven coverlet from circa 1840.  Very large and very heavy made of wool and cotton, it has a complex design and retains brilliant colors of scarlet red and the deepest indigo blue wool and unbleached cotton.  It was made in two sections each 38" wide joined by hand and well matched down the center.  There is a thick hand applied 4" wool fringe on the sides and along the bottom.

We  purchased this locally in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Probably a John Landes design. Landes' coverlets were composed of very complex designs, as this one is.  His pattern book of hand drawings is in the textile collection of The Philadelphia Museum. There are several drawings in the Landes pattern book that are very similar, if not the same as this beautiful coverlet.

This is an Overshot Weave Coverlet. Multiple "window" designs in the indigo blue wool (so deep and dark it appears black in most of our images) with groupings of red wool flower forms in overlapping circles.  The top, bottom and sides of the coverlet are designed with a wave pattern. There is a hand applied 4" wool fringe on the sides and along the bottom.  The top edge is neatly rolled and hand stitched.

This has been very well cared for and while it has had use over the years it shows little wear and was obviously stored carefully and preserved.  The fringe is still thick and full and was hand stitched with linen thread as was the center seam. You can see some wear to the fringe when you inspect it up close, but it does not appear thin and there is no area where there is a heavy loss of fringe.  It still displays beautifully.

Size not including fringe is 96" x  76"

Fringe is 4" long on all three sides.


Overall the coverlet is in excellent condition.

This was packed away for many years and has not been used in recent times.

It has retained it's beautiful brilliant colors. 

There are no stains or discolorations, No loss of wool, no loss of fringe, no holes and no odors. No wear to the surface of the fabric, still in very good stable condition. The weave is still tight, there are no thin areas or looseness to the weave.   

A Beauty for your Collection!

Image below shows the reverse.

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