An Antique Primitive

* Early 1800's  Oak & Iron Well Bucket *

Country Farmhouse Tool


A fantastic early Farm Primitive!

Here's an authentic antique primitive wooden well water bucket made in the early 1800's.  

This is really heavy weighing more than 11 lbs.  And it's big ... 21" high with the handle fully extended.  12" to the top of the rim and slightly ovoid in shape from years of use it measures 13" x 12-1/2" across the rim.  The base is just a tad narrower at 12" across.  Good thick staves with lots of fabulous wear all over, they are bound with 1" wide wrought iron hoops.  

And look at that wrought iron handle, a V shape with the ends held in two 'piggen' ears that extend above the rim of the bucket at either side.  On the interior of the piggen ears are two looped wrought iron rods that were hammered through the staves and folded over to give the handle superior strength.  Just the most wonderful early well bucket that you could find, beautifully constructed and approximately 200 years old!

It's still in great shape and lots of wear showing through.  Made of oak, the staves are 1/2" thick.  Interior of the bucket is clean and shows plenty of use.  Heavy wrought iron hand forged swing handle and wrought iron hoops holding the hand cut staves.  Still good and strong and tight.

Size:  21" high including handle - 12" to top of rim - 13" x 12-1/2" across the top - 12" across the base 

A Primitive Beauty!



Handle is strong and secure

Staves, base and wrought iron hoops are tight with no looseness.

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