An Antique Revolutionary War Era Bed Warmer

Six Sided Star

Pierced & Engraved Dome Lid

 Hand Dovetailed Pan

c.1750 - 1800

Forged Iron & Turned Oak Handle

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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Of great age, this Early American bed warming pan was made between the Pre Revolutionary War era years c.1750 up to the very early Federal era of the 1800's.  The shape and form of the domed lid and the deep dovetailed pan place it exactly in that time period. The lid is etched and pierced brass and it has a hand dovetailed hand hammered brass bottom with a blacksmith made forged iron handle with lathe turned oak end piece.  Rare to find one that is this early. To come across one that was in use during George Washington's life time is a real find.

At the center of the lid is a large engraved Six Pointed Star surrounded by a framework of fancy pierced ovals.  Around the edge of the lid there is a charming decoration of finely engraved wheel shapes each one surrounded by miniature turkey foot track engraving and highly detailed tiny leaves.  Worth looking at these small engraved decorations with a magnifying glass since they are quite detailed, the leaves showing fine lines and the turkey-foot shapes so very tiny and yet so detailed are just delightful.  

The edge of the dome shaped lid is wrapped over a heavy wrought iron ring and folded over. A folded brass flange forms part of the hinge that attaches the lid to the pan, riveted through with hand hammered brass and copper rivets that can be seen on both the lid, the pan and the handle.  

The deep pan is made of hand hammered brass.  The top edge has a wide rim that folds over a flat wrought iron collar ring that gave the pan strength when filled with hot coals to warm the bed.  Small rivets hold the collar ring in place.

The wrought iron handle displays beautifully the work of the blacksmith with plenty of hammer marks and nice detail where it meets the turned oak handle.

A true beauty of an American Bed Warmer, and still perfectly usable!

Size:  length 33"  -  11-3/4" across the lid  -  4-1/2" deep.


In excellent condition with no repairs or splits to the metal.  The pan both on the interior and exterior shows authentic wear and use but is still strong and sturdy.  The turned oak handle is tight and strong to the wrought iron and it in turn is tight to the pan and the hinge is still strong holding the lid on properly.

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