Antique Pennsylvania Forged Iron

Hearth Oven Cooking Tool

Early 1800's

A Rare Wrought Iron & Oak Handled Peel 


Found locally in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, an early Hearth Cooking Tool.

A hand wrought hearth cooking tool from the early 1800's, a long bakers peel.  Used to place and remove food from a baking oven, these were used daily in Colonial times and thru the 18th and early to mid 19th century before more modern types of ovens were in use. 

This was blacksmith made, a hand forged wrought iron utensil circa 1820's.  

An unusual one with a very large round and extremely thin blade attached by two hammered rivets to a wrought iron sleeve that holds the original long oak handle. The sleeve is joined to the handle with one large hammered rivet.  The large flat round shape of the blade may have also served as a salamader to help brown or toast surfaces of roasts or pastry.

The blade is very thin, a bare 1/16" and is very strong, no breaks or splits.  

The size of the blade alone is 10" across and 10-1/2" long

The blade and the shaft together measure 23" long

Total overall length with the oak handle is 56-1/2"

The iron work shows a good patina of age and use at the hearth with expected heat pitting.

The oak handle is original, the large hand hammered rivet is still in place.  There are of course some shrinkage lines in the wood of the handle from age, but nothing is loose all in good strong condition.  The handle has a handsome patina, beautifully polished and smooth to the touch.

An Early 1800's Pennsylvania Hearth Cooking Tool to add to your Collection!

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