Primitive Antiques

Country Antique Primitives found locally in our area of South Eastern Pennsylvania. Many of the Primitive items that we offer have been gathered from the farming communities where Amish, Old Order Mennonite and fine old Pennsylvania Dutch families predominate.

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An Early Primitive Cast Iron Pot
Bulbous Form - 3 Part Mold - With Lid

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

PRICE  $375.00

A Primitive Piggen Grain Measure
Rustic Big Barrel Sappling Banded Bucket

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

PRICE  $145.00

Antique Colonial Era America 'Long Handled Skillet'
Cast Iron Hearth Cooking Utensil - c.1720

Antique Colonial Era America 'Scotch Broiler'
Hand Forged Iron - Heart Shapes' - 1780/1800

Antique Farm Primitive - Well Bucket
Original Wrought Iron Handle - Oak Staves

Antique Primitive Rocking Horse
Rustic Gliding Riding Horse Toy c.1910

An Antique Peel Pennsylvania Hearth Tool c.1820
Large Thin Round Wrought Iron Blade & Oak Handle

Antique Hand Wrought Hanging Iron Griddle   
Colonial Period/Revolutionary War Era America c.1750-1800

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