Antique Wooden Rocking Horse

Primitive & Rustic

* Fabulous Old Weathered & Worn *

circa 1910


What a charming old toy rocking horse. While this certainly didn't start out looking so weathered and worn when it was created back in the 1910 era, it has now attained a most charming appearance.  Right out of an old barn here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, here's a wonderful primitive wooden Rocking/Gliding Horse that is still in great working condition.

This has all the character that you just love to see in a country primitive.  Lots of old signs of use.  The large platform rocker that the horse is mounted upon was once painted red and that faint reddish tone is still visable in the wood.  It sets the horse off handsomely bringing the rustic natural coloring of the woodgrain in the body of the horse to life.  The base of the platform shows plenty of wear where children stood on it to climb up into the saddle.  Lots of shrinkage lines overall to the wood, weathered and used ... just a beauty.  

A charming appearance ... perfect for your window display if you're a dealer ... or if you decorate with primitives in your home this has the great look without the BIG price tag!  

And of course this is still extremely usable for a child to ride upon.  Still very strong, stable and sturdy.

It's seen lots of use and displays great wear.

We show plenty of images taken both outdoors in natural light and indoors so you can see the scale of this lovely rocking/gliding horse.

It's quite heavy and will ship UPS Ground.

Size:  38" long  x 13" deep  x  28" high


Still strong and usable, no weakness.

A Charming Piece of Folk Art!

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