A Magnificent

Vintage White- on-White Wedding Quilt

Abundant Fine Hand Quilting!

Pineapples & Feather Wreaths

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


A most beautiful white-on-white wedding quilt.  Exquisitely hand quilted with Pineapple motifs overall, the American Colonial sign of Hospitality.  Along with the gorgeous scalloped double feather cable edge, and large feather wreaths this is a superb quilt completly quilted by hand and in excellent condition.

We purchased this locally, it is from an estate in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  It was very well cared for and looks to be in unused or barely used condition. The fine light pencil marks of the quilting pattern can still be seen here and there.

All quilted by hand at 10 stitches to the inch.  

In excellent condition, all cotton front and back, and light in weight this has a very thin poly batting.

In pristine condition, lies flat, no puckering or pulling, no stains, no repairs.

The overall size is 104" x  92"  

At the very center of this fabulous quilt is a huge Double Feather Wreath that contains within it 10 beautifully quilted pineapple motifs surrounding smaller feather wreaths.  The background is filled with tiny diamond quilting. In each corner is a scrolling motif with double pineapples and birds. The entire edge is deeply scalloped with a double feathered cable quilting pattern.

Magnificent and Abundant Hand Quilting at 10 stitches to the Inch! 

A narrow applied binding turned to the back and finished by hand with tiny fine hand stitching.  

The fabric for both the front and back of the quilt is a high quality white cotton.

Fabulous Quilting Patterns Overall ... A Rare Beauty For Your Quilt Collection!


Excellent Condition.  No odors, no spots, no stains.  Clean and Crisp.  

The thin batting is even and flat and the quilt retains a beautiful hand.

Fibers are still strong and sturdy and the quilting is all in fine shape with no holes, no repairs.

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