An Antique Bake Oven Tool

 Wrought Iron


Hand Forged - Blacksmith Made Early Cooking Utensil

Berks County, Pennsylvania


Found locally in Berks County Pennsylvania.

This is a blacksmith made one-piece hand forged antique wrought iron hearth cooking tool from the early to mid 1800's.  Very long and heavy, it was used to place and remove food from a bake oven.

These were used daily in American Colonial times thru the 18th and 19th centuries, and in our area of the country many homes still used the old bake oven buildings well into the 1920's. Many of the rural Pennsylvania German and Amish farming communities here still made all their own breads, cakes and pies at that time, and a peel was a very necessary tool.

This measures 46-3/4 inches from the flat blade to the mushroom shaped end cap.  It was made from one single piece of iron that was hammered and worked into this shape by the blacksmith.  

The broad flat blade measures 7" long and 7-1/2" across and is just 1/16" in thickness at the end, becoming thicker towards the beginning of the long handle. The handle is flattened at the blade end.  Towards the tip it was worked into a mushroom cap shape.

The iron work shows a good patina of age and use at the hearth with expected heat pitting at the blade end.

Weighs 5-1/2-lbs.

Still strong, no breaks or splits.  All one piece!

An Early Pennsylvania Cooking Tool to add to your Collection!

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