A Fabulous 19th Century Double Loom Width

Antique  Pennsylvania Jacquard Coverlet

American Folk Art  -  c.1840

-  Attributed to Henry Oberly -

Berks County Pennsylvania

In Mint Condition

A True Museum Quality American Coverlet!


In Mint Condition, fabulous bold and bright colors. All to often these antique coverlets show colors that are washed out and fibers that are worn from years of continual use. This one is in mint condition! The fibers are still strong with great body and hand, no rips, or tears, and no moth damage or holes of any kind, no odors, no stains or spots.  Both the side weft fringe, and the bottom applied fringe is full and complete and in excellent condition.

The Tri-County area of Berks, Lebanon & Lancaster is well known for the many famous Pennsylvania coverlet weavers who lived and worked here more than 160 years ago.  Over the past 40+  years that we have been in business we've sold many coverlets made by the weavers that lived and worked in this particular area in the ear;y and mid 19th century, William Ney, Henry Stager, Henry Oberly, John Smith, Jacob Witmer, Henry Brehm, Henry Philpy, Christian Yordy, Rudolph Ressler, Peter Leisey and Samuel Mellinger. Many of these coverlets were passed down in the same familes that they were originally made for, and still in excellent condition.

The coverlet that we offer here we have attributed to Henry Oberly who lived in Womelsdorf, Berks County
just a few miles down the road from where we live.

Henry Oberly was a Pennsylvania born weaver and remained in Pennsylvania for his entire life.  In the 1850 census Oberly is listed as being 45 years of age, living with his wife Catherine and their three children in Womelsdorf.  He is listed on page 93 of John Heisey's book 'A Checklist of American Coverlet Weavers'. 

And in fact there is a full page illustration of this very same pattern by Oberly on page 90 of that book, see our image of that illustration below.  That one also has his signature corner block trademark of the turkey in a tree with rooster.  Oberly is also listed on page 60 and 61 in the McCarl Collection book "American Coverlets and Their Weavers".

About this Coverlet  

A beautiful antique coverlet of great weight and body.  A most complex design of the Double Roses Pattern with additional rosebuds and partially opened roses on leafy stems just above and below each of the large cabbage roses.  The large roses are interspersed with a secondary motif of small rosettes around a diamond A horizontal band with small crosses and flowers separates each repeat of the large cabbage roses. Tulip and Fern border to the sides and across the bottom.  

The structure is Tied Beiderwand.  Made of natural undyed cotton and wool in brilliant scarlet red and deep indigo blue. There is thick fringe to both sides and an applied fringe on the bottom. The center seam is very well matched and sewn by hand with a heavy linen thread as is the rolled top edge of the coverlet.  

This one is unblemished and in excellent condition, an absolute gem of an antique coverlet, one that we consider to be of museum quality.  

Beautiful and very heavy this fine coverlet displays the expert skill of the professional Pennsylvania weaver of the early 1800's.

The price of course reflects the fact that it is unsigned.  A signed Henry Oberly coverlet from the 1840 period, in this same Mint Condition would command a price of several thousand dollars.

SIZE:  96" x 84" plus 4" fringe


Excellent ... MINT Condition ... A Rare Find!

True Museum Quality for Your Collection 

This has been packed away for many years, unused, pristine.  

In fact, much of the weft fringe is uncut - still looped at the ends! 

There is no moth damage, no holes of any kind, no rips or tears.  The fringe is in excellent condition with no loss. The fabric has a good strong hand to it, it is not limp and lifeless from repeated washings and there are no odors, spots or stains.

A Fine example of a Berks County Hand Woven Figured & Fancy Coverlet! 

Image below shows reverse of the coverlet at the hand stitched, well matched center seam.

Deep Indigo Blue and Brilliant Scarlet Red Wool

This is a Double Loom Width Coverlet with Beautifully Matched Center Seam

Hand Turned Top Edge Stitched with Heavy Linen Thread

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