A Country Farmhouse Primitive 

Mortised Slab Seat Footstool

Milking Stool

Old Black Paint - Scalloped Apron

  From Lancaster County,  Pennsylvania  

 c.1880 or earlier



A Primitive 19th Century Foot Stool straight from a local Country Farmhouse

If you love old primitives, like we do, then you'll love this early foot stool ... found locally here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Still retaining much of the old black paint, this has a thick slab seat with wonderful natural wear visable ... so very worn ... you can see and feel the wear when you run your hands over the surface. Probably used as a milking stool for many years to have so much wonderful wear to the slab seat.  

Both sides have a deep scalloped shape to the apron. The carved splayed legs were mortised through the top of the slab seat and are still good and tight and strong.

It's seen much use. It came from a local farm where it's been used for at least a hundred years and more, made at least circa 1880 or much earlier. The old black paint still covers much of the footstool but here and there you can see traces of an earlier bittersweet or red paint underneath.

Size: 13-3/4" long - 6-1/4" wide - 7" high


Structurally sound ... no wobble ... no loosness ... still very usable.

A Charming Country Farmhouse Primitive !

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