Free Blown Glass Storage Jar

Antique c.1820

Clear Wavy Glass

Rough Pushed-Up Pontil


A fine early 19th Century free-blown primitive clear glass storage jar.

One of the best that you will come across

This jar holds slightly less than 1 quart.

It has a deep depressed base and good rough pontil mark with expected shelf wear to the exterior base ring. Fine wavy lines are evident throughout the jar, especially at the neck. The wavy lines and the lovely shape can be appreciated best when passing your hands over the glass.

Made in the very early 1800's this type of storage jar was used for salted or brinned foods like pickles and other preserved condiments. It never had a lid, lids at this time were improvised using a cloth tied on with string and coated with wax. Early glass blowers did not provide the tin lids that you see available on later glass jars. And further evidence of this never having been used with a metal lid is that the shoulder of the jar does not have any trace of wear where a metal lid would rub against the glass.  There is good evidence of shelf wear to the bottom edge.

A handsome example of an early 1800's Primitive Pennsylvania Glass Storage Jar.


6" high - 4-3/8" across the base - 2-5/8" across the lip


Perfect in every way, no chips, no cracks, no stains, no damage.

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