American Patriotic 19th Century

Folk Art

Early Lebanon County Pennsylvania

Civil War Era Quilt !

circa 1860's

Four Eagles Quilt


What a wonderful antique Primitive quilt!  If you love Americana and Primitives, this quilt is perfect for your home! We purchased this from a local estate here in Lebanon County Pennsylvania.  A 19th century, c.1860's, American  Civil War Era Quilt.

So very Patriotic and so Wonderfully Primitive!

The design of Four Eagles is a famous pattern that was made predominately in Pennsylvania.  It can be found in many quilt reference books.  It features 4 eagles, one in each corner.  They have outspread wings and shields that form part of their bodies. The eagles heads are all facing the center of the quilt which is filled with a large flower wreath of red roses and leaves.  

Many of the Four Eagles quilts that were made originated from published patterns of the day.  

This one though is truly an original design and very 'FOLKY' in it's character and manner.  The central medallion is slightly off-center and the eagles have a decidely primitive style and appeal.  All hand appliqued and hand quilted.   


All hand appliqued and hand quilted with 8 stitches to the inch.  3/4" diamond background quilting.  Interesting quilting patterns within the birds wings and tail feathers and also around the center medallion.  1/4" finely hand turned binding. Channel quilting within the grey borders and later machine top stitching on the narrow grey border.  It has a very thin cotton batting.

The body of the quilt is in good condition, still strong and sturdy and the quilting is all in fine shape.  No odors or large stains, a small discoloration on the reverse less than 6 inches across that does not show through to the front.

The colors have faded over time, the red still strong but the grey/green does show considerable faded areas especially to the borders. The applique work is quite primitive and there have been many repairs to the applique work over the years by different hands.  Still, overll it remains in good condition and look wonderful displayed on a wall.  

Size:  72" x 72"

A True Authentic Early Lebanon County Pennsylvania

Primitive 19th Century Quilt ! 

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