Antique Brass Bed Warmer

 Pre Revolutionary War

Circa 1750's

Wrought Iron Handle

Pierced & Etched Design


Of great age, this early bed warming pan is Pre Revolutionary War  c.1750 and has been well cared for over it's more than 250 years.   The lid is etched and pierced.  Rare to find one that is this early, typically antique bed warming pans that you find are from the Federal Period or later, and have turned wood handles.  To come across one that was in use during George Washington's life time is a real find, and this one has a blacksmith made hand hammered wrought iron handle and is still in good condition.

The lid is made of brass and has a punched and pierced decoration along with fine engraving of flowers with heart shaped petals and tiny stars.  The edge of the lid is wrapped over a wrought iron ring. A folded brass flange forms part of the hinge that attaches the lid to the pan, riveted through with hand hammered copper rivets that can be seen on both the lid, the pan and the handle.  

The pan is deep and made of hand hammered brass.  The top edge has a wide rim that folds over a flat wrought iron collar ring that gave the pan strength when filled.  Small rivets hold the collar ring in place.

The heavy wrought iron handle displays beautifully the work of the blacksmith with plenty of hammer marks and a nice detail towards the hanging curl. Difficult to show the graceful overall shape that the blacksmith carefully made to this handle, allowing the curled end to hang close to the wall but affording greater depth for the pan.

Size:  length 45"  -  13" across the lid  -  5" deep.


Still in extremely good condition.  The wrought iron handle is still tight to the pan and the hinge is still strong holding the lid on properly.  It had been well used throughout its lifetime and of course does have some condition issues. Most significant, a blacksmith made repair to the base of the pan where the brass had worn thin.  An additional piece of brass was added and attached with hand hammered copper rivets.  this was done in the early 1800's and had obviously continued to be used after this repair.  

This repair and the splits to the metal are not readily visable when this is displayed hanging on a wall.  

Above image is the front of the handle -  below is the back

Below showing the repair on the interior -  Above the copper rivets holding the repair

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